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Final Grade: 96/100 (A)


Production Grade: 57/60

Paper: 38/40
Excellent creative skills in using IT appropriately, awareness of need for variety in fonts and text size, accurate use of language and register, excellent photos and manipulation of images


we need to know what it is + I think it's the selling line font that's detracting from the oveall look?

Planning Grade: 19/20

Very careful planning and excellent time management

Took away one mark because I would have liked to see more annotation on your image posts i.e. drafting of poster and so on...

Evaluation Grade 20/20

There is excellent understanding of the role and use of new media in various stages of the production. (4)
There is excellent understanding of the combination of main product and ancillary texts (4)
There is excellent understanding of the significance of audience feedback (3)
There is excellent skill in choice of form in which to present the evaluation (3)
There is excellent ability to communicate (3)
Use of Scribd to present a detailed and very nicely presented response to the questions. (3)

Sunday, 21 March 2010

The use of ICT section in the mark scheme for the evaluation posed a slight problem for me while evaluating my work. As I created a newspaper many of the formats that could have been utilised were not applicable such as directors commentary which of course requires a director not present in the development of a newspaper or even a podcast which is not commonly linked with print media and so would have been out place with no existing media to relate it too. This left me with selecting the blog method which I created integrating applicable media used throughout my production process. I presented it by uploading the document using “Scribd” offering a platform for word processor documents. This allowed more formatting and layout options not available if it were entered strait onto the blog. It also allows the uploaded document to be viewed in multiple formats with a scrolling document, slides or a book format. This was the best modern examples ICT and new media available to best suit the evaluation given the nature of my product.

Boom Box Evaluation

Friday, 5 March 2010

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Newspaper progress

Story Drafts

Southbound Seek National Success

Local rockers Southbound look to take their local sound across the country. The boys who have never before played a gig outside of London have just signed to play a show in York through their production agency Absolutely.
Fresh from their victory at the TSHS battle of the bands at Dirty South the boys are in a better position tan ever to make the swap from local talent to national stars.
The lads are very positive about the trip with Vocalist Nick Fruin, pictured centre above, stating “its our biggest gig to date, we have been practicing like mad for this as it could be our chance for a big break”
I asked the band how they felt their victories at Absolutely’s Battle of the Bands along with TSHS’s event held at Dirty South had set them up for this opportunity. Guitarist Jack, pictured far right, explained how “it really boosted our confidence, we always believed we had a unique sound that others could relate to. Our victories proved this to us and inspired us to put even more work in” with an extra 2 practices scheduled every week the boys look to be on top form for when there trip to York.
Some in the local area question Southbound’s musicality stating their tracks are too simple. In response to this Nick Grant, pictured second from the right gave his views:
‘We make feel good music. We all have understanding of music and together write the music and lyrics to fit our audience, even if sometimes it’s not technically as difficult as others. It seems to be working otherwise we wouldn’t have had such great success”
No other band on the local scene has played this far a field for a long time so this is a big step for Bromley. Bassist Darren, pictured second from the left, has just joined the band replacing Nick Fruin who previously played bass as well as being lead vocalist but chose to concentrate on vocals. He claimed “I think Darren really made the difference” having the extra time to concentrate fully on vocals has vastly improved the sound of the band in recordings and means now their live shows are even more intense. Along with Darren’s expertise in recording has meant the bands demo is nearly finished to the highest standard... Story Continued on page 3

Too Dirty for teens?

Could it be that one of the areas top youth music venues is to be no longer available? Rumors have been running rampant around the area of news that the bar/venue dirty south is to be closed down to under 18s for good.
Many problems have arisen in the past from underage drinking at the venue. This was thought to be a thing of the past with the recent success of TSHS battle of the bands, which saw little trouble. However for the moment the venue is refusing all under 18s events.
We met with the owner to find out just what was going on.... Story Continued Page 4

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Poster Analysis

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Newspaper Website Research

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News Paper Planning Sketches

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Initial Newspaper Planning

Main Story – Southbound taking it national
Source – the band – Nick Fruin, Conor Shilling, Nick Grant, Jack Richards
Contact number – 07930332808
Questions – How does it feel? What are your hopes? How did the crowd react? How different was it from the local scene? Where do you go from here?
Photos – to be taken by me with the local band – capture whole band in a street essence to match the sound of the band, dressed in their choice of clothing to show their style and youth culture relating to their genre

Sub Story –Dirty South rejecting underage gigs
Source –TSHS, Dirty South, Y2E
Questions – what has your experience been with trying to book and event? what has the venues reaction been? Are you declining underage gigs due to past trouble?
Photos – of the venue and of the last underage night that took place

The Set List
A text based contents of the paper based on the stories included

Gigs of the Week
To feature local scene and more mainstream acts that will appeal to audience
Source – Internet ticket site, band sites, my space pages
Photos – band photos from band sites of mainstream acts or taken by me from local acts where possible

This Week in Quotes
A new take on quotes of the week featured in some local papers summing up the weeks news, views and ideas.
Source - Taken from main stories and features of the week
Photos – requires no photos

To feature the local weather in the Bromley area for the current week starting with Monday when the paper is published
Source – online weather reports
Images – based on others reports but improved for the paper – possibly music themed additions but still maintaining an easy to understand basic layout

Monday, 1 March 2010

Target Audience

Who are the target audience for newspapers?

The target audience for newspapers is people within the community in which the paper is circulated. This differs depending on the style and content of the different newspapers. Broadsheets for example are targeted at well-educated higher socio economic groups with a strong interest in world affairs and politics. They are likely to be an older demographic in the social group category A, meaning a higher professional. In terms of psychographic according to the VALs system they would be likely to be “fulfilled” meaning hey are well-educated professionals with an understanding of responsibilities and the world. The audience for tabloid style paper would be much different to this. Tabloids feature gossip based entertainment stories very different to the ideals shown through broadsheet papers. The target audience is more likely to be lower socio economic groups that are less well educated fitting a demographic group of C, D r E meaning they are semi skilled, tradesmen etc. of course the papers are not limited to these particular groups as many who fit the target audience for broadsheet newspaper would choose to read tabloids for lighter entertainment. Regional or local newspapers are targeted at the local area they circulate within. The stories included are directly related to the smaller area they are produced for and so would not appeal to those who were distance from that local region. Although featuring a tabloid style the articles are not purely entertainment based with many being important issues for the local area. Depending on the area will alter the demographic and psychographic groups, usually people who care about their own community can be classed under the VALs system as “carers” would fit he audience however a paper produced n a wealthy area is likely to relate more to higher educated professionals where as those produced in poorer areas would be aimed more at low income less educated demographics.

Who are the target audience for the samples I looked at?

The target audience for the Metro News Paper is working professionals in an urban environment. Originally started in London the paper was aimed at commuters entering the city and used as entertainment on trains etc. Its developed into a national paper while still keeping its status as an “Urban Paper”, it is tabloid style so it is easy to read and cheap to produce. The audience would be classed in the social group of A or B as these higher paying professional jobs are found in urban areas. In terms of psychographic it would fit into the VALs classing of “Actualisers” as they would be young successful professionals, image is important to them so gossip and celebrity would appeal to them.

The News Shopper is a local paper for a suburban community of Bromley. This means it will cater for a higher socio economic group to fit that which is the dominant demographic of the area. The social group can be classed as A, B, C1 and C2 as these are the dominant groups in the area ranging from highly skilled professionals to skilled tradesmen all fairly well or at least adequately educated. The Wandsworth Guardian will target a very similar audience also being a suburb of London. The stories featured in a regional paper relate to the local area and so those who care for there area are likely to read the paper and fall into the category of “carers” in the VALs system and cold also be classed as “fufilleds” as they are living in a fairly well off area and place importance and knowledge and their responsibilities.

The Stool Pigeon is an entertainment based Newspaper basing its stories around the current music scene. This means it will be targeting a younger demographic specifically from teenagers up to young professionals as these are the social groups that will be up to date and care about the current music scene. In terms of social groups the audience could be classed as A, B, C1, C2 as they would require available excess income to spend on music. In terms of psychographic profile the could be considered as “experiencers” as they are young and adventurous appreciating new products and styles spending a lot on music and films.

Who is the target audience for my paper?

My paper is a music based local paper for the area of Bromley. This means it will target the higher socio economic groups found in the area as does the News Shopper fitting with the social groupings A, B, C1, C2 with available income to purchase music and pay for concerts. It is aimed at a young demographic as it will predominantly focus on the music scene of the area which is dominated mainly by teenagers as these are the main market for the music. Much like the stool pigeon it will focus on the psychographic group of “experiencers” but also in terms of young persons it will focus on “trendies” following current trends as well as “innovators” looking to make their mark and appreciate different styles of music along with “rebels” who appreciate the anti establishment approach taken by many music artists. The target age group will range from about 14 to 23 as these are the ones involved in the local music scene and up to date with current trends and cultures.

How will you measure the success of your products appeal to the target audience?

I will use target audience feedback to measure the success of my product in appealing to the desired market. This will involve focus groups offering feedback as to what they see as the positives and the negative of my product enabling me to improve the design for the specific audience. I will also upload my product online to gain views from my peers as this is the easiest place to access the target audience in this modern age of multimedia being available online and will allow me to reach a broader audience.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Wandsworth Conventions

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Stool Pigeon Conventions

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News Shopper Conventions

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Metro Conventions

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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Wandsworth Guardian Research

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Stool Pigeon Research

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News Shopper Research

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News Paper Research Analysis

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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Media Coursework A2 Level
For my A2 media studies course work portfolio there is a choice to produce a news paper, a short film or a film trailer. I have chosen to produce a news paper which will include the front page and an inside page. I have chosen the newspaper option as I feel it is the best choice to match my interests and skills. As preparation work I produced a short film title “package” and a newspaper front page based around a local band. From this I gained the understanding of what goes into the production of both and can make an educated decision to choose the newspaper. So I am going to be producing a local newspaper, to be aimed at a young demographic and focus mainly on music news relating to the local scene.


The paper is going to be a local paper and so will be a representation of the area it is designed for and reporting on. The stories will be local and so represent the local community and be relevant to them. It is going to be aimed at a younger audience and so as well as representing the local area the paper will also represent youth culture, style and tastes. Another not so apparent representation is that it will represent the different music styles and the attitudes and fashions that come with them, such as indie and metal which both are prevalent in the area but have different styles and values.


It will be a local paper and so can be compared to other local papers in and around the area such as the London Lite and the News Shopper. It will follow certain conventions that these follow. It will have a tabloid layout as it is mainly an entertainment based paper and will convey the impression it is easy to pick up and read. Also like the before mentioned papers it will be free. This means it will feature a lot of advertising as this will be the main funding for the paper.


It will have to adhere to certain values that are common throughout the newspaper industry and within local papers. Firstly it will need a bleed area around the outside to allow the print to not run off the page based on the speed of print for newspapers. Also it should feature a clear Mast head so it is easy to pick out the title of the paper. Below this the date is needed so the audience is aware of how new it is, how relevant it will be to them and if looking back at older copies be able to attach a date to it. Papers have to be careful that the material they produce os not overly offensive to its audience, it it caused offence or upsets readers this can be damaging to its market. Also the pictures included are expected to be clear and good quality to create a professional look and make it more enjoyable for the reader.


My newspaper will be aimed a younger demographic aged about 13-20 in the local area of Bromley. This is the age group most involved wit the local music scene and so it will appeal to them most. It will be open to all kinda of teenagers in this demographic as it will not have limiting factors such as be aimed at a specific race or only focus on specific genres, it will be open to all ideas and styles so any youngster with a love for music and read it and enjoy it.


Most of the information in the paper will be conveyed with text and so not feature symbols of signs. However some will be present, for example the imagery used will represent the articles and adverts and either show excitement and entice the audience or if done badly put them off, as it will feature a young up and coming band the photo will be of people of like ages to the audience will will make them relate to it and be more likely to read it. Also I am going to use slightly unorthodox font for the masthead, tis will set it aside from other local papers and fit better with the youth market, it won't just go with the conventions but create its own style as much of the music featured and audience reading will.


The ideology of my paper will be to give youth a positive view in a world where they are often criticised. The bad parts of youth culture is often highlighted in modern news alienating younger readers. My paper will focus on teenagers working for positive outcomes and doing good things in their life based around music offering role models for young readers and giving those involved self realisation of their talents and potential as well as giving readers options of social events showcasing this.


As I am making a newspaper narrative does not fit perfectly with explaining it. For my main story the narrative is of a local band moving on from numerous local shows and various battle of the band victories to making the leap to the national stage. It is the first gig out of London in York and I will gauge their thoughts, hopes and feelings through this time. This however will not be the only news story in my paper so their will be multiple narratives in my work. The sub story will feature another local band who have put the tours on hold to write their next album with an interview and insight to what expect.


the genre of my newspaper can be considered as a local news paper. It can be classified as this by conforming to certain conventions. It will be free and feature a lot of advertising for funding, also it will cover local news instead of looking at a larger scale such as national news which also means features such as up coming events and weather can be included. It shall be music themed and so will be different to the alternative local newspapers so some parts will not fit with the conventions of a local newspaper but more with a music magazine such a NME with band interviews and concert reviews.

Monday, 13 July 2009

I have learnt new skills involving the indesign program. i now know how to edit images, arrange the layout, import images and alter text. Also from research of existing newspapers i have learnt many conventions of newspapers such as the ideal text size, the idea of catchy headlines often in the form of wordplay. most papers also have a tag-line such as "the news you want to read" in the case of this paper i have created. Also the idea of a top bar referencing a story inside, this entices readers to more parts of the paper that aren't the cover story i also used the method of a cut out popping up that create an interesting professional look. the top bare is using different font size and colour, this clearly makes it stand out and separates it from the cover story. in the story the headline is allot bigger and bold and includes a line under it further developing the story although it is not actually a part of the headline. also with formatting the text i looked to the columns with spacing and added a caption to the photo in a smaller font to establish it is separate from the text. i feel i have created a good newspaper that looks professional, is well thought out and well laid out.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

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