Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Initial Newspaper Planning

Main Story – Southbound taking it national
Source – the band – Nick Fruin, Conor Shilling, Nick Grant, Jack Richards
Contact number – 07930332808
Questions – How does it feel? What are your hopes? How did the crowd react? How different was it from the local scene? Where do you go from here?
Photos – to be taken by me with the local band – capture whole band in a street essence to match the sound of the band, dressed in their choice of clothing to show their style and youth culture relating to their genre

Sub Story –Dirty South rejecting underage gigs
Source –TSHS, Dirty South, Y2E
Questions – what has your experience been with trying to book and event? what has the venues reaction been? Are you declining underage gigs due to past trouble?
Photos – of the venue and of the last underage night that took place

The Set List
A text based contents of the paper based on the stories included

Gigs of the Week
To feature local scene and more mainstream acts that will appeal to audience
Source – Internet ticket site, band sites, my space pages
Photos – band photos from band sites of mainstream acts or taken by me from local acts where possible

This Week in Quotes
A new take on quotes of the week featured in some local papers summing up the weeks news, views and ideas.
Source - Taken from main stories and features of the week
Photos – requires no photos

To feature the local weather in the Bromley area for the current week starting with Monday when the paper is published
Source – online weather reports
Images – based on others reports but improved for the paper – possibly music themed additions but still maintaining an easy to understand basic layout

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