Thursday, 4 March 2010

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Southbound Seek National Success

Local rockers Southbound look to take their local sound across the country. The boys who have never before played a gig outside of London have just signed to play a show in York through their production agency Absolutely.
Fresh from their victory at the TSHS battle of the bands at Dirty South the boys are in a better position tan ever to make the swap from local talent to national stars.
The lads are very positive about the trip with Vocalist Nick Fruin, pictured centre above, stating “its our biggest gig to date, we have been practicing like mad for this as it could be our chance for a big break”
I asked the band how they felt their victories at Absolutely’s Battle of the Bands along with TSHS’s event held at Dirty South had set them up for this opportunity. Guitarist Jack, pictured far right, explained how “it really boosted our confidence, we always believed we had a unique sound that others could relate to. Our victories proved this to us and inspired us to put even more work in” with an extra 2 practices scheduled every week the boys look to be on top form for when there trip to York.
Some in the local area question Southbound’s musicality stating their tracks are too simple. In response to this Nick Grant, pictured second from the right gave his views:
‘We make feel good music. We all have understanding of music and together write the music and lyrics to fit our audience, even if sometimes it’s not technically as difficult as others. It seems to be working otherwise we wouldn’t have had such great success”
No other band on the local scene has played this far a field for a long time so this is a big step for Bromley. Bassist Darren, pictured second from the left, has just joined the band replacing Nick Fruin who previously played bass as well as being lead vocalist but chose to concentrate on vocals. He claimed “I think Darren really made the difference” having the extra time to concentrate fully on vocals has vastly improved the sound of the band in recordings and means now their live shows are even more intense. Along with Darren’s expertise in recording has meant the bands demo is nearly finished to the highest standard... Story Continued on page 3

Too Dirty for teens?

Could it be that one of the areas top youth music venues is to be no longer available? Rumors have been running rampant around the area of news that the bar/venue dirty south is to be closed down to under 18s for good.
Many problems have arisen in the past from underage drinking at the venue. This was thought to be a thing of the past with the recent success of TSHS battle of the bands, which saw little trouble. However for the moment the venue is refusing all under 18s events.
We met with the owner to find out just what was going on.... Story Continued Page 4

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