Monday, 13 July 2009

I have learnt new skills involving the indesign program. i now know how to edit images, arrange the layout, import images and alter text. Also from research of existing newspapers i have learnt many conventions of newspapers such as the ideal text size, the idea of catchy headlines often in the form of wordplay. most papers also have a tag-line such as "the news you want to read" in the case of this paper i have created. Also the idea of a top bar referencing a story inside, this entices readers to more parts of the paper that aren't the cover story i also used the method of a cut out popping up that create an interesting professional look. the top bare is using different font size and colour, this clearly makes it stand out and separates it from the cover story. in the story the headline is allot bigger and bold and includes a line under it further developing the story although it is not actually a part of the headline. also with formatting the text i looked to the columns with spacing and added a caption to the photo in a smaller font to establish it is separate from the text. i feel i have created a good newspaper that looks professional, is well thought out and well laid out.

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