Monday, 1 March 2010

Target Audience

Who are the target audience for newspapers?

The target audience for newspapers is people within the community in which the paper is circulated. This differs depending on the style and content of the different newspapers. Broadsheets for example are targeted at well-educated higher socio economic groups with a strong interest in world affairs and politics. They are likely to be an older demographic in the social group category A, meaning a higher professional. In terms of psychographic according to the VALs system they would be likely to be “fulfilled” meaning hey are well-educated professionals with an understanding of responsibilities and the world. The audience for tabloid style paper would be much different to this. Tabloids feature gossip based entertainment stories very different to the ideals shown through broadsheet papers. The target audience is more likely to be lower socio economic groups that are less well educated fitting a demographic group of C, D r E meaning they are semi skilled, tradesmen etc. of course the papers are not limited to these particular groups as many who fit the target audience for broadsheet newspaper would choose to read tabloids for lighter entertainment. Regional or local newspapers are targeted at the local area they circulate within. The stories included are directly related to the smaller area they are produced for and so would not appeal to those who were distance from that local region. Although featuring a tabloid style the articles are not purely entertainment based with many being important issues for the local area. Depending on the area will alter the demographic and psychographic groups, usually people who care about their own community can be classed under the VALs system as “carers” would fit he audience however a paper produced n a wealthy area is likely to relate more to higher educated professionals where as those produced in poorer areas would be aimed more at low income less educated demographics.

Who are the target audience for the samples I looked at?

The target audience for the Metro News Paper is working professionals in an urban environment. Originally started in London the paper was aimed at commuters entering the city and used as entertainment on trains etc. Its developed into a national paper while still keeping its status as an “Urban Paper”, it is tabloid style so it is easy to read and cheap to produce. The audience would be classed in the social group of A or B as these higher paying professional jobs are found in urban areas. In terms of psychographic it would fit into the VALs classing of “Actualisers” as they would be young successful professionals, image is important to them so gossip and celebrity would appeal to them.

The News Shopper is a local paper for a suburban community of Bromley. This means it will cater for a higher socio economic group to fit that which is the dominant demographic of the area. The social group can be classed as A, B, C1 and C2 as these are the dominant groups in the area ranging from highly skilled professionals to skilled tradesmen all fairly well or at least adequately educated. The Wandsworth Guardian will target a very similar audience also being a suburb of London. The stories featured in a regional paper relate to the local area and so those who care for there area are likely to read the paper and fall into the category of “carers” in the VALs system and cold also be classed as “fufilleds” as they are living in a fairly well off area and place importance and knowledge and their responsibilities.

The Stool Pigeon is an entertainment based Newspaper basing its stories around the current music scene. This means it will be targeting a younger demographic specifically from teenagers up to young professionals as these are the social groups that will be up to date and care about the current music scene. In terms of social groups the audience could be classed as A, B, C1, C2 as they would require available excess income to spend on music. In terms of psychographic profile the could be considered as “experiencers” as they are young and adventurous appreciating new products and styles spending a lot on music and films.

Who is the target audience for my paper?

My paper is a music based local paper for the area of Bromley. This means it will target the higher socio economic groups found in the area as does the News Shopper fitting with the social groupings A, B, C1, C2 with available income to purchase music and pay for concerts. It is aimed at a young demographic as it will predominantly focus on the music scene of the area which is dominated mainly by teenagers as these are the main market for the music. Much like the stool pigeon it will focus on the psychographic group of “experiencers” but also in terms of young persons it will focus on “trendies” following current trends as well as “innovators” looking to make their mark and appreciate different styles of music along with “rebels” who appreciate the anti establishment approach taken by many music artists. The target age group will range from about 14 to 23 as these are the ones involved in the local music scene and up to date with current trends and cultures.

How will you measure the success of your products appeal to the target audience?

I will use target audience feedback to measure the success of my product in appealing to the desired market. This will involve focus groups offering feedback as to what they see as the positives and the negative of my product enabling me to improve the design for the specific audience. I will also upload my product online to gain views from my peers as this is the easiest place to access the target audience in this modern age of multimedia being available online and will allow me to reach a broader audience.

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