Sunday, 21 March 2010

The use of ICT section in the mark scheme for the evaluation posed a slight problem for me while evaluating my work. As I created a newspaper many of the formats that could have been utilised were not applicable such as directors commentary which of course requires a director not present in the development of a newspaper or even a podcast which is not commonly linked with print media and so would have been out place with no existing media to relate it too. This left me with selecting the blog method which I created integrating applicable media used throughout my production process. I presented it by uploading the document using “Scribd” offering a platform for word processor documents. This allowed more formatting and layout options not available if it were entered strait onto the blog. It also allows the uploaded document to be viewed in multiple formats with a scrolling document, slides or a book format. This was the best modern examples ICT and new media available to best suit the evaluation given the nature of my product.

Boom Box Evaluation

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