Friday, 7 May 2010

Final Grade: 96/100 (A)


Production Grade: 57/60

Paper: 38/40
Excellent creative skills in using IT appropriately, awareness of need for variety in fonts and text size, accurate use of language and register, excellent photos and manipulation of images


we need to know what it is + I think it's the selling line font that's detracting from the oveall look?

Planning Grade: 19/20

Very careful planning and excellent time management

Took away one mark because I would have liked to see more annotation on your image posts i.e. drafting of poster and so on...

Evaluation Grade 20/20

There is excellent understanding of the role and use of new media in various stages of the production. (4)
There is excellent understanding of the combination of main product and ancillary texts (4)
There is excellent understanding of the significance of audience feedback (3)
There is excellent skill in choice of form in which to present the evaluation (3)
There is excellent ability to communicate (3)
Use of Scribd to present a detailed and very nicely presented response to the questions. (3)